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Contact Us - North Shore Animal League America

Contact Us - North Shore Animal League America

I have been a contributing member of this organization for years and I am elated at the way they have pulled together as an organization to help as many unfortunate furry friends as tehy have!

Thursday, August 6, 2009









If you would like to adopt one of the cats below, please contact 



 Usually, little or none is known about these felines' medical history.  We cannot guarantee anything in respect to their health, which is why each feline must receive prompt veterinary care after adoption/rescue takes place.   


Spaying or neutering at or after 6 months of age is a MUST!!!  For low-cost spay/neuter services you can contact SNAC (Spay/Neuter Alliance & Clinic) at 843-645-2500 or at info@snac1.com  snac1.com  


Bryan County Animal Caregivers who sell low-cost spay/neuter coupons 
www.bryanac.org or 912-727-2694


Your help with adopting, rescuing, and/or sponsoring these felines is immensely appreciated, as is your help with cross posting to others who may be able to help save a life. 

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation using Paypal then please go to our website at: http://scanimalrescue.bravehost.com/

and click on the "Donate" button.  Even if you do not have a Paypal account it is the safe secure way to make a donation.

For $70 you can sponsor one of our cats to get their Rabies shot and be sterilized which may make them more desirable to

an Adopter.


Glorie is a four-week old true calico girl.  This precious little one is said to be quite vocal about her displeasure in sitting on Death Row but who can blame her really?

Magenta is a beautiful sleek black girl who came in with her daughter Mystic (pictured next); but when two little two-week old babies came in later that day she accepted the two orphans and she is taking care of them so that they wouldn't be killed for being too young to take care of themselves.

Mystic, Magenta's daughter

Two Orphan babies Magenta took in

Brian is about 12 vweeks old and is being housed with his two brothers Caleb and Cooper



Momma Sasha is a beautiful sleek black feline who was brought in with four babies who are old enough to get homes of their own

Momma Sasha's Babies Annie, Dancer, Free Boy and Okie



Feisty our precious scared little girl is headed up to be spayed today and to get her rabies shot.  She will be ready to adopt tomorrow (Friday August 7th)

Tigger is a sweet boy who is about 6 to 8 weeks old




These two beautiful calico girls came in together.  They are young enough that they do not have to be adopted together and they each will make wonderful new additions to anyone's home!

These three babies are estimated to be about 12 weeks old, WAY too YOUNG to die!!!


Before I could finish taking pictures even more babies are being brought in by people thinking they are doing a good thing but little do they know.....


This ONE-DAY OLD BABY has hope because two wonderful people stepped in and wouldn't let it die....But they need financial help for this baby and so many more they are trying to help:


Two-Week old babies


Marissa is a beautiful Calico girl spayed and UTD on her shots


Spice Cake is now sponsored for his neuter and rabies shot so he is free to adopt!

Twilight had a horrible gash on his side when he was picked up.  He has been to the vet and gotten stitches.  The vet thinks he was Snathed by a HAWK!!!! 

He has certainly just seen one of his nine lives!!!


Bobo the gentleman is looking for the woman who will love him forever!  He is neutered and UTD on his shots

 Dolly poses prettily in hopes that a wonderful person will see her picture and want to take her home

Cameo is a beautiful golden-eyed medium-haired orange girl who is a wonderful snuggle girl; her spay is prepaid and she is UTD on her shots


Queenie and Prince were once on Death Row, then rescued by someone, then she brought them back because of loose bowels with money in hand to have them killed!  These babies need the opportunity to go to a good home!  They are UTD on shots and have been dewormed (the cause of the loose bowels)


Tanya is a sleek black female adult who is spayed and UTD on her shots


 Halie the Love Bug who purrs when you simply look at her:-)


Faith and Wendy, two black female kittens who are spayed and UTD on their shots


Mario & Lucky are two black males who would LOVE to be able to play at your house:-)


Ironica, sweet wonderful girl, is spayed and UTD on her shots

The Tabby Squad, Fixed and UTD on their shots, these kids are waiting for their forever home! 



Jack & Jill a precious pair of solid black bobtails, brother and sister to Josie and Joey the black and white bobtails



Star and Brice look like opposite bookends almost but they are not even known to be related. Both have been tested for FeLV/FIV/HW and are completely negative on all counts!


Astro and Amber were kept together so far and they are sponsored for their neuters and rabies shots.....Free to GOOD HOME


Babs & Sandra may look like they are one and the same girl but they are not even know to be sisters other than sisters in need


Peter Pan and Gracie, two babies who look to you for a secure future of love


Sasha & Gustav two outcasts in need of love and a forever home


Barbie and Giggles  two girls who need forever homes


Furby was snatched from the Needle of Death and now needs a forever home!

Each week we go to Animal Control and each week there are new felines in desperate need of adoption  because they only get until the following Tuesday before they are killed to make room for the the next bunch to come in.  It would break your heart after interacting with each of these guys to go back the following week and ask about them only to find out that they got the needle.  We need good people to come forward and open their homes to one of these desperate little ones.  If you can help in any way such as to transport, or to get the word out further or to contact people, something, then we can make this effort work and together we can make a difference.
Thank you,

New Beginnings Animal Rescue